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Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

Although it is a controversial opinion that is held by a marginal group of professionals that fall under the HR/ Recruitment umbrella, we absolutely have heard the theory that resumes are an item of the past and an outdated practise.
Tune in to hear how we don’t fully disagree with this idea as we share our expert opinion on what all job seekers need to know to ensure they are effectively meeting the needs of recruiters and hiring managers in the 21st century. 

Wednesday Jan 12, 2022

Understand who your resume is going to be seen by and how to ensure you are targeting it for the correct audience. 

Thursday Dec 02, 2021

Listen to find out potential reasons you're not hearing back after submitting job applications.

Wednesday Oct 20, 2021

This podcast was born from co-owner of Resume Restoration, Erin's own interview anxiety. She recognized that interviews can be really difficult for some and this podcast explores where the nerves may come from and tips for overcoming them (or at least minimizing potential stressors).

Friday Sep 10, 2021

A successful job search requires more than simply submitting a resume. Tune in to find out the components of your job hunt that you may be missing! 

Monday Jun 21, 2021

Tune in for tips and tricks for your job search, many that seem like common sense but often slip through the cracks.

Episode 10 - Gaps on a Resume

Wednesday May 05, 2021

Wednesday May 05, 2021

Listen in to find out how to best handle gaps on your resume. 

Thursday Mar 18, 2021

Should your resume be one page? Tune in to find out our thoughts on the length of a resume. 

Wednesday Feb 10, 2021

What is an ATS? And how does it affect your application? Learn the trick to getting past the bot!

Thursday Jan 07, 2021

The question we get asked most often: Is it worth hiring a resume writer?

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